Thank you for your interest in the Indiana Podiatric Medical Association. Membership in the IMPA includes membership in the American Podiatric Medical Association. Membership not only gives you valuable tools to make your business a success, but also it forms a stronger voice for the podiatric profession.

Download, complete, and return your application form to the IPMA (hover over options below):

Podiatric Medical Student
DPM in Residency
Practicing DPM in the United States
MD or DO in the United States
Practicing DPM outside of the United States

If you are a podiatrist, APMA is for you.

APMA members engage in the full range of podiatric medicine from dermatology to surgery, conservative care to rearfoot reconstruction. APMA is the only organization representing podiatry as a whole.

  • Your voice to legislators and decision-makers on podiatric payment and access issues
  • Your source for information and guidance on reimbursement, MACRA, coding, and other practice management resources
  • Your opportunity to engage with your colleagues and stay current in the field

Advantages of Dual Membership - IPMA/APMA:

  • IPMA/APMA members receive discounts on Continuing Medical Education conferences, discounts on insurance programs, access to members only section of website filled with instant access to valuable resources including public relations, professional standards, convention information and more.
  • What are the financial implications to each podiatrist by the profession becoming mandated in the Medicaid program? APMA and IPMA are extending every effort to accomplish that task.
  • APMA/IPMA has fought United Healthcare, Aetna, and other major insurance carriers to bring podiatry acceptance, and payment, to a more appropriate level.
  • APMA/IPMA has led the legislative advocacy in the US Congress on behalf of the profession (members and non-members alike) on national and state policy issues.
  • APMA has represented the profession in the National AMA coding and insurance committees. On the state level, IPMA is involved and widely represented in insurance and coding issues.
  • APMA has been able to assist individual State societies in responding to legislative threats directed at podiatry’s scope of practice acts. In Indiana, the association lobbyists are working for that same goal.
  • APMA has been successful in accomplishing the current position of the profession in Veterans Affairs and in the Military service.
  • APMA/IPMA has provided the Staff, the advertising and the collection of funds for American Podiatric Medical Association Political Action Committee (APMAPAC) and Foot Support PAC involvement in the political process that provides support to those congresspersons and state legislators that support the profession.
  • APMA has underwritten the tremendous costs attendant with the Council on Podiatric Medical Educations ability to accredit podiatry colleges, residency programs, continuing education programs, certifying boards, and is also responsible to represent the profession in the entire arena of educational accreditation.
  • APMA represents the profession in the National Institutes of Health, the CDC, the AMA, AOA, American Public Health Association, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, and a myriad of other health related organizations that brings credibility to the entire profession.