X-Ray Certification Examination and Licensure Information


The Indiana Podiatric Medical Association is an approved sponsor of the limited podiatric radiology program by the Indiana State Department of Health. The Clinical Examination for Certification of the American Society of Podiatric Medical Assistants is the examination that is approved by the state of Indiana.  The examinee must pass the radiological portion of the exam with a 70% score.


In order to receive your Podiatric Radiology License in the State of Indiana you must complete the following requirements. Complete the requirements in the proper order to ensure a timely response.

American Society of Podiatric Medical Assistants Requirements

1. Apply for ASPMA membership via the application form at under the “ASPMA Membership Online” section.  You must be an ASPMA Member for at least three months prior to taking the exam.


2. Order the Clinical Exam Study Kit from ASPMA by downloading it from the ASPMA web site under the “Certification” section.


1. Complete the Application for Provisional Permit ( Approved Education Program Section of the application to be completed by IPMA Executive Director.


2.  to the Indiana Podiatric Medical Association.





3. The IPMA will mail the completed application directly to the Indiana State Department of Health Medical Radiology Services.


4. After this application is processed, the student will receive a permit to complete their clinical training.

Indiana State Departmen of Health Requirements














The Provisional Permit is only good for a period of 6 months. You must have a permit before taking any clinical x-rays and classroom training.


 Take the clinical course online or at the IPMA Annual Convention.


Step 4. When you have completed the educational training. You need to complete the Application for Proficiency Certification for Limited Radiographer ( The certifier is your doctor and all points in sections #5 should be checked by the doctor who signs the form as Certifier.


Mail a copy of the following to the Indiana Podiatric Medical Association, 133 W. Market Street #261, Indianapolis IN 46204 or send via fax to 517-485-9408 or email to





The IPMA will in turn send the information to the Indiana State Department of Health and provide you a copy of the material.


Contact the Indiana Podiatric Medical Association with any additional questions.

• Completed Application

• Certificate that you received from ASPMA

• Copy of this letter from ASPMA stating that you passed the examination


The Indiana State Department of Health will send you instructions on how to apply for your State license.  You will need to submit the following with the application for licensure:

• Application

• Copy of certificate/diploma from ASPMA

• $60 fee (check or money order)

• Information mailed directly to: Darleen Hopper, Program Coordinator, X-ray Operator Certification Program, Division of Medical radiology Services, Indiana State Department of Health, 2 N. Meridian Street, 5F, Indianapolis IN 46204-3010.