The Indiana Podiatric Medical Association represents podiatrists throughout the state with the goal of furthering the specialty of podiatry on the local and national level. We actively educate, support, and advocate for podiatrists and their patients on a wide variety of administrative, licensing, legislative, and patient-care issues.

To ensure the highest quality of lower extremity health care for patients by advancing the art and science of podiatric medicine through advanced continuing education, legislative advocacy, public education and promotion of the profession.


Doctors of Podiatric Medicine (DPMs) are the Foot and Ankle Specialists in Indiana. These Doctors specialize in the diagnosis or medical, surgical and mechanical treatment of the human foot and related structures. What is a podiatrist will give you an in-depth look at the educational medical training and the role of podiatrists in the health care profession. Click here to find out further information on careers in podiatric medicine.

What is a Podiatrist?


2017 Indiana Podiatric Medical Association

Board of Trustees


Jeffrie C. Leibovitz, DPM, President

Wendy S. Winckelbach, DPM, President-Elect

Richard Loesch, DPM, First Vice President

Brian Damitz, DPM, Second Vice President

Cathy Coker, DPM, Secretary-Treasurer

Richard A. Stanley, DPM, Immediate Past President

Kathleen Toepp-Neuhoff, DPM, North Trustee

Sandra Raynor, DPM, Central Trustee

Zahid Ladha, DPM, South Trustee



Matt Solak: Executive Director

Derek Dalling: Deputy Executive Director

Geri Root: Director of Events

Sara McCallum:  Continued Education Coordinator

Michelle Dishaw: Director of Membership

Denise Stone: Financial Administrator

Trina Miller: Administrative Assistant


IPMA Lobbyists


LegisGroup Public Affairs, LLC

Glenna Shelby

Ron Breymier

Matt Brase

IPMA Leadership

IPMA Staff

APMA Lobby Day

(from left to right) Matt Solak - Executive Director, Patrick DeHeer - APMA Board of Trustees, Jackie Walorski - (R) US Congresswoman,

Nick Grandfield - Chris' son, Chris Grandfield - DPM, Immediate Past President